Founder & CEO

Coming from a school in the food service industry, Yannick did not have this calling. His dream as a child was to create the most beautiful “pièce montée” for international pastry fairs. However, he wanted to do something else with his hands. He started taking temp jobs in order to discover different fields until he found the world of marketing and events. Full of creativity, he worked hard to create a different image to that of the  world of advertising: that of being in the field and human interaction. He adopted the “Shaka” spirit and is happy to transmit his positive attitude to his team.


His personality : calm and meticulous

His assets: short sleeper and busy worker

Project Manager

Once she got her baccalaureat Audrey ventured into the world of employment. She is very passionate about beauty and personal care so she naturally chose to pursue her desires in esthetics by joining us. Her passion; make-up merchandising. She manages the stock like no one else and prepares the furnishings in the warehouse. When Audrey books appointments for our tours no one can say no to her! So, our interventions always go well. Audrey knows how to get the important feedback from the teams in the field that could be significant for you.


Her personality : Fastidious and joyful

Her assets : Like "Ganesh", she knows how to do it all

Business & development director

Gourmand, gourmet and a lover of human contact, Adrien naturally turned to the hotel and restaurant industry. After having validated his degree and curious about discovering new worlds, he went to work in luxury hotels in London before returning to France. His varied experiences confirmed his desire to focus his energy around customer relations. With the Shaka spirit, he will bend over backwards to satisfy our clients’ needs by being present and attentive.


His personality : Enthusiastic and willing

His assets : To a valiant heart nothing is impossible

Project manager

Passionate about new technologies, it is quite natural that Johan turned to the world of video game development.

After several international experiences, he came back to his native region and discovered the world of POP, more down to earth, but allowing him to increase his range of skills, which is essential for this slightly offbeat character, but for whom versatility, learning, discovery and experimentation are key values. This has enabled him to develop a more engineer-like profile, with a strong interest in (3D) design.

With a wealth of experience centred around people, his interpersonal skills enabled him to be at ease with people and to extract the best from them.


His personality : Caring and curious.

His assets : I never lose, either I win or learn.

Project manager

After a successful experience in events within a professional football club, Lucas graduated from a master’s degree in Business & marketing has joined the ranks of Shaka-Group as a project manager. Passionate about sport and adept at surpassing oneself, Lucas is always ready to invest in taking on new challenges. Thus, he will be keen to get involved in all your craziest projects.


His character : Sparkling and ambitious

His assets : Quiet strength, agile mind

Project manager

Curious and sociable, Fanny has naturally and quickly chosen to study communication. After several years abroad and various professional missions, she returned to France where she has worked for different kind of clients & structures to acquire a 360 perspective and a wide range of skills. Her versatility and curiosity have always led her to step out of her comfort zone, pushing her to learn and to improve. It is this exact same state of mind that she has found within Shaka and that she wishes to keep on developing !


Her personality : curious & adaptable

Her assets : "Jack of all trades"

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